Calibrated and Non-Calibrated Chemical, Bead, Sphere and Colloid AFM Probes, Tips and Cantilevers

Join thousands of users that have purchased Novascan AFM Probes for their projects. We offer the best and most reliable probes that are modestly priced and well proven in hundreds of scientific and top tier publications over the last 15 years. The Probe and Surface Laboratory at Novascan Technologies boasts a large catalog of Modified and/or Functionalized AFM probes to meet your application needs.

  • ● AFM Bead, Sphere and Colloids mounted on AFM Cantilevers for force spectroscopy, Young’s Modulus, chemical force microscopy, friction and adhesion studies and more. Probes are available in glass, borosilicate, polystyrene, tungsten, and custom particle materials with standard sizes ranging from 600nm to 45um. Can be purchased as Pre-Calibrated or Non-Calibrated AFM Probes.
  • novascan prochureFunctionalized and Chemical AFM tips Probe surfaces with specific chemistries. Chemical or biological coatings can be applied to standard tipped AFM cantilevers and AFM Bead, Sphere or Colloid probes. Probes are available with Carboxyl (-COOH), Hydroxyl (-OH), Methyl (-CH3), Amine (-NH3), streptavidin, succinimide, maleimide, alkanethiol, silanes, aminosilanes, APTES, PEG, antibodies and more. Can be purchased as Pre-Calibrated or Non-Calibrated AFM Probes.
  • ● Metallic Coatings Gold and Platinum coated AFM tips and other surface coatings are available, including custom patterning for specialized EFM / scanning conductance applications. Please inquire for custom metal coatings. Can be purchased as Pre-Calibrated or Non-Calibrated AFM Probes.